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Care... Expertise... Results! Our mission is to get you back into life …. Quickly!


We invest time with you, we listen, we care!


Extensive experience, post-graduate qualifications, compulsory ongoing training means that Ergofix offers you the highest quality assessment and treatment from professional Physiotherapists.


Physiotherapists are University trained health care providers regulated by national registration. We are NOT a “want-to-be therapists” offering unproven advice and false hope.


We get results ... and we don’t over-service.




Teamwork... Communication... Outcomes! Ergofix offers experience, expertise and communication. We provide timely, relevant letters and we take your calls.


We simplify musculo-skeletal injuries, offer your patients outcomes, understanding of their injury and timelines for their recovery.


We prioritise work related and acute injuries, and endeavour to see acute or serious injuries on the day of referral.


 Our experience and expertise in ergonomics and industrial physiotherapy enable us to confidently recommend safe work limits, we work with you to optimise client outcomes.




occupational health return to work COFFS HARBOUR


Prevention ... Performance ... Productivity. Ergofix understands work injuries... how they happen, how to prevent them and how to fix them!


Post graduate ergonomics expertise and extensive industrial experience underpin practical solutions.


We offer nationally accredited manual handling training ... customised to your workplace for value and outcomes.


Early intervention, thorough assessment and evidence based treatment. We optimise outcomes for your team.


Prevent lost time injuries and achieve fast and successful recovery at work.


who we are.


sport injury & prevention coffs harbour


Ergofix is an awarded rehabilitation provider, with professional Physiotherapists specialising in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, as well as expertise in ergonomics and the prevention of injuries.


We are also proud to have Kay Joseph in our team. She is a specialist paediatric physiotherapist - one of only 5 in Australia. Kay offers specialist paediatric physiotherapy for babies and children with delayed milestones, low tone, cerebral palsy and other developmental and neurological symptoms, as well as serial casting for chronically tight calves and walking issues.



At Ergofix we pride ourselves on problem solving and treating the cause rather than just offering band-aid solutions for the symptoms at hand. We offer practical and pain-relieving solutions for inflammatory conditions that may not be "curable" and functional /ergonomic intervention to help you resume your favourite sport or hobby despite chronic injury or disability.


REHABILITATION workplace injury coffs harbour


We treat adults and children with neck, back, spinal and all other painful joints including whiplash, shoulders/ rotator cuff, tennis elbow and knee instability.


Dry needling (western acupuncture) is another treatment option popular with our clients and we provide casting for fractures.


Our experienced professional physios can recommend and supply the ideal brace for your orthopaedic injury or sports injury prevention, as well as crutches, a variety of heat packs, tapes, lotions and specialized pillows.




Sprains and muscle tears recover faster and have less recurrence, and our experienced physiotherapists also treat nagging bursitis (shoulder, hips), arthritis, tendinitis, headaches, vertigo and neurological conditions.


Our practice is different: We Diagnose/ Treat and Fix. We aim to fix you in the least possible appointments… we build our business by fixing you… and then you tell lots of others about us!


what we do.


• My Home Physio


Work injuries


• Trusted NDIS provider


• Neurological rehab


• Specialised paediatric physiotherapy


• Back and neck pain


• Injury prevention and ergonomics


• Functional pre-employment


• Ergonomic consultancy


• Mobility and balance issues


• Headaches


• Joint pain and arthritis


david rose.


David is the co-owner and director of Ergofix – Physiotherapy and Occupational Health




David graduated as a Physiotherapist from University of Sydney in mid-1992, and moved to Queensland as a new graduate before working in the USA. After several years’ experience in both public and private sectors, and some time working in the UK, David took on a role as a clinical educator with the University Of Queensland. He went on to become a Clinical Education Liaison Manager with the UQ Physiotherapy Department, travelling throughout Queensland to educate fellow physiotherapists about how to best mentor and train physiotherapy students in their final clinical year. David really enjoyed this role and gained much experience as both and educator and a clinician, and observed a great diversity of clinical and business practice from his travels.


 A management move to Mount Isa in 2005 brought an opportunity for business ownership, and together with Louise, he embarked upon the challenges of managing a growing Physiotherapy practice in a booming yet isolated mining town. A scarcity of physiotherapists Australia-wide made for steep HR challenges and years of long hours and hard work, but his was rewarded with business growth and excellent experience as the Mount Isa Physiotherapy/Ergofix team continued to expand their Occupational Health services to meet the demands of local industry.


Though this time David was also study a Masters’ degree in Ergonomics (University of Queensland), graduating in 2007. The expertise he gained from these post-grad studies added a new dimension his practice of Physiotherapy and expanded his assessment of the individual to the environment in which they work and play.


David and his team at MIPC/Ergofix maintained close ties with University of Queensland and other Universities, taking on a regular stream of clinical students to diversify their experience in Occupational Health. The physiotherapy practice also developed close ties with Q-Comp, the Worker’s Compensation Regulatory Authority and the team pride themselves in the provision of benchmark Physiotherapy, injury management and injury prevention services.


David’s special clinical interests include:


• Assessment and treatment of shoulder injuries


• Cycling related injuries


• Risk management and workplace injury prevention


• David has over 20 years’ experience in the assessment and management of injuries. If you have a complex or undiagnosed issue that hasn’t responded to treatment in the past then discuss this with David. He will answer 4 questions as part of the initial consultation:


Your diagnosis?


1. He will give you an honest opinion about the cause/s of your problem (often multi-factorial)


2. How he can help you?


3. How you can help yourself?


4. Anticipated timeframes for your recovery?


louise rose.


Louise is co-owner and director of Ergofix Physiotherapy.


Louise graduated as a Physiotherapist at University of Queensland in 1991. Louise spent several years working in public hospitals and private practice, as well as overseas in the USA and Britain.


 In 2001, Louise started her Masters in Ergonomics (completed 2007) and commenced work with a private Workplace Consultancy group in Brisbane where she was mentored by 2 skilled Ergonomists.


Louise’s professional interests include:


- Bio-mechanical assessment and injury prevention


- Functional pre-employments


- Worksite assessments


- Cognitive ergonomics/ human factors in the ergonomic re-design of Control Rooms.


- Occupational Health and Safety


On a personal level, Louise’s main interests are her family, but when she’s not driving the “family taxi”, she enjoys cycling, gardening, camping and editing family photos… a happily endless task!


kay joseph.


Kay Joseph, has 30 years experience working as a Physiotherapist with children in London, Glasgow, Sydney and Coffs Harbour. She is one of only 4 specialist Paediatric physiotherapists in Australia. Her diverse experience covers all areas of Paediatric rehabilitation but she has particular expertise in foot and lower limb deformities and walking disorders. She regularly performs specialized casting for talipes and idiopathic toe walking.


Kay is actively involved in physiotherapy research and regularly presenting at conferences. She currently holds a teaching role for University of Newcastle Physiotherapy program.


When she is at home, Kay's hobbies include negotiating with teenagers and ferrying her children to a million and one activities. She is an active volunteer surf lifesaver with Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club and regularly competes in ocean swims. In her precious "Me" time Kay is an avid Ballet enthusiast, subscribing to the Australian Ballet, and regularly enjoys their Sydney Opera House performances.


 Ergofix is extremely proud to have Kay sharing her expertise as part of our physio team.

ben leyson.


 Ben is the newest addition to our Physiotherapy team, after several years in our Mount Isa clinic, where he specialised in return to work physiotherapy, we are very pleased to have him join us in Coffs Harbour.


Ben graduated in 2014 from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy.  He has extensive experience and interest in treating people after hip and knee surgeries, and loves to work towards restoring normal walking patterns and posture after these operations. Ben trained with DMA Clinical Pilates In 2016 and since then has been working as a Pilates Instructor – teaching both mat an equipment based classes.


Ben utilises a holistic approach to treating patients - enjoys interacting with complex & tricky patients with a long history of surgeries and or injuries, and especially those who want to avoid back, hip or knee surgery.


He is a perfect choice for any patient with a chronic low back pain or sciatica, chronic fatigue, dizzyness, headaches, nausea, & sleep disturbance.


Outside of work, Ben is enjoying living on the North Coast, learning to surf, camping and exploring and enjoying time with his family.


simon quinn.


Simon is an experienced Physiotherapist recently moved from Sydney where he worked in various fields including muskuloskeletal and sports injuries, paediatric disability and developmental interventions as well as acute care and neurological conditions. In this time Simon has gained experience working with a wide range of conditions, and is passionate about applying the latest evidence to provide the best treatment to his patients.


He is able to provide a thorough assessment and develop meaningful goals, as well as outlining the path needed to get there.


Simon enjoys keeping active, being an avid triathlete and is looking forward to taking in all the Coffs Coast has to offer.

how physio helps.


Injuries are a pain. Even mild discomfort can slow you down and prevent you getting the most out of life. We have the expertise to assess and treat muscle tears, ligament strains, inflammation of joint and tendons and cartilage problems too.


Helping the body to heal quickly and preventing the injury from recurring is our specialty. Don’t ignore niggling aches and pains – talk to us at Ergofix today…

physio for kids.


Kay Joseph has been practising in Coffs Harbour for 14 of her 30 years as a Paediatric Physiotherapist. Prior to Coffs Harbour she worked in major children’s hospitals in UK and Sydney. She has undertaken the process of Specialisation and in 2010 was awarded the title of “Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist”. Currently there are only 4 Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapists within Australia; Kay is the only to reside outside of the major metropolitan areas.


Kay looks forward to being able to extend private paediatric Physiotherapy services to children and infants of the Coffs Harbour region. She is able to offer a wide range of assessment and treatment services for children with musculoskeletal, developmental and neurological disorders.

sports injuries & prevention.


Sporting injuries happen fast, but they are often growling long before they bite. Your ligament sprain or muscle strain is going to take some weeks to heal – but our Ergofix physios can get you better quicker!


what happens next?


Maybe your sprain happened because of muscle imbalances – old tightness and weakness issues – so your body let you down. Get back on the field quickly with early assessment and treatment of your injury AND its causes.


Did you know that our skilled physios can get you walking on that ankle sprain the same day it happened? Did you know that letting your joint swell up and limping on it for days is actually slowing your healing and stopping you getting on with life?


Have you ever “wished you’d know something earlier” so you could have fix it early rather than waited for weeks and still having to go through the effort of recovery?


getting your injury to go away and stay away.


 Early physiotherapy treatment of acute injuries usually promotes a quicker recovery by reducing pain, swelling and stiffness. Fixing underlying causes (tight or weak muscles and joint instability) allows faster and safer return to work, sports and other activities.

dancers & physio.


 Ergofix is now performing dancing assessments. These include assessment of posture, muscle length and core stability. We are also providing pre-POINTE assessments to ensure dancers are fully prepared for this exciting progression.


 At Ergofix, we understand the demands of the dancing and are able to identify issues which may become injuries in the future.


We can prescribe simple exercises to stretch tight muscles and joints, strengthen muscles and improve joint stability. Sometimes, in conjunction with your dance teacher, we may correct the way you perform specific dance drills to minimise your chance of injury.


We can assess how your joints move in a variety of dancing styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern and tap. Don’t wait for an injury to keep you out for weeks or more.


harbour performing arts centre.


Ergofix has a special arrangement with Harbour Performing Arts Centre (HPAC) and we provide 10% discounted for all treatment and products for members of the HPAC community. We also provide pre-POINTE assessments and general screening assessments on Thursday afternoons, please call to discuss.

analysis, treatment prevention.


David and Louise Rose are proud to announce the launch of My Home Physio in Coffs Harbour. Quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment that comes to you. We are part of the larger ErgoFix Physio group, same family run and owned practice with personal care - now available in your home.


Our caring physios believe that physio therapy services should be available to all members of the community, be they be at home, the workplace, retirement village or nursing home.

quality care in your home.


The My Home Physio team are experienced and awarded rehabilitation providers, with professional Physiotherapists specialising in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, as well as additional expertise in ergonomics and the prevention of injuries.


​Our Physios treat all types of muculoskeletal pain and or injury, we also understand and manage headaches, muscle tension, weakness, ligament issues and neurological conditions. we come to you.


For urgent and same-day physio appointments in Coffs Harbour call 6652 4779. Or click on the button below to make an appointment.

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Private Health Cover.


We accept private health cover from a number of providers including the providers featured below. We are able to bill your fund directly. The amount that you will be covered for with private health insurance varies between providers and each individual policy. There may be a "gap fee" involved which is the difference between our fee and the medicare rebate. We advise you to get in touch with your respective private health cover provider should you require detailed information on your case.





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